ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.032:Waves rabbit pattern

It is custom-made of an ornamental clasp for holding an obi in place. It often sees with cloth, accessories, etc. of a kimono in a waves pattern with the handle of the moon and a rabbit used in Japan for many years. First of all, the origin of this pattern was made from "scene of Ura of whether if it appears on [ the moon sea ], a rabbit also runs a wave, and ..." with Section 1 of the Noh song "Chikubu-shima (竹生島)", and is having the spectacle in which the rabbit which lives in the moon is seen as if it is reflected in the water surface and runs water surface pictured.This novel design was much in fashion in early stages of Edo. The present age cannot decline in that charm, either, but it can see this pattern to things, such as a handicraft.Manufacturing the portion of the ground by the technique which piles up a silver board and a silver board with silver, the moon used 18 carats. I think that the "stylish" ornamental clasp for holding an obi in place was just made.