ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.034:The K18YG coating phoenix buckle of dry creek turquoise

It is a buckle of a phoenix motif. Turquoise was prepared for visitor itself and Brando (production mine name) is a dry creek. The portion of a phoenix is divided into 10?11 part in structure, and it is beginning to delete from a metal. Although it may be unclear, 18 carats was given to some places, such as a shuttlecock and a tail, and if it resulted in the stone seat, it made from the photograph with 18 pure gold.The light blue of yellow gold and a dry creek matches well very well. that is, two turquoise called a dry creek and Eastern blue is prepared, and turquoise will use which at the beginning -- it is -- it was wavering with ?. When actually applied to the stone seat of gold, the direction of the dry creek was overwhelmingly declared the winner. This order was made very much, and had worth, and, also happily, was a certain order.