ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.043:The sculpture object of a rainbow crystal dragon

It was the custom-made as a wall tapestry type object.Dragon[Ryu] of a main part and a pedestal portion are quite as big as about 10 cm long and about 8 cm wide.The pedestal was manufactured by forging technique, and the base was made from WAX, and the dragon carved details, after becoming a metal.I had the frame and the stone prepared of visitors.With the crystal which looks clear, a rainbow called a rainbow crystal was very beautiful.On the whole, finish, the method of assembling, etc. of the pedestal have elaborated considerably.Since the design was also left, when it was called the dragon motif, I considered [ calling it Ryu who already has a ball in many cases, and ], but the dragon which "is just trying to catch a ball after this" was appointed. [ dare ] I think that the thing of "is Mukai and always moving forward to something" has been expressed rather than the figure "which obtains and writes sitting cross-legged." The visitor also heard about it having been very nice, and has realized it joyfully with this having been responsive custom-made.