ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.048:The ring of a kappa and jade

I myself who required two months or more to design ? manufacture am the excellent piece which became wanting.In addition, the motif was also calling it the ring of a kappa without the thing with quite sufficient silver accessories used not much by the order from a client.But data of the kappa what is called with a sufficient parenthesis were not found easily, but it suffered troubles from the stage of the design.It tried all means, there being a kappa good for the handle of the Japanese pattern shirt currently sold at Ueno, and referring [ get a visitor to bring the rubber doll of the kappa of a maker called "YOUKAI-DO", or ] to it.The stone put into the plate of the head will also be called green jade as a result of selection.Green jade suits a Japanese pattern motif well without knowing why.Although it resulted in also becoming sticking an 18-carat bracelet to a wrist and an ankle, and exceeding the budget of the beginning considerably, I think that a quite satisfactory one-point thing was made.They were myself and the custom-made that was able to be been [ custom-made / it ] substantial and made truly.