ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.049:A snowy crystal pendant

size about about 4 cm in diameter -- it is a pendant [ for the first time in ].Data were prepared of visitors with the snowy crystal motif.The central part is rising by the double-sided design, and, in the inside, zirconia is given in hollow and the center.Although the data of all orders are investigated and I always consider them each time, I appreciate that it can learn for what is not known.As well as the snowy crystal, when the crystal of water, etc. had all forms, it got to know this time.I can think that there will be nothing same as one.However, all the crystals have a form of "a snowy crystal" perfectly.Hundreds of millions of persons' figure and a form should have individuality completely.The dreadfulness of nature and the power of creation of the universe was felt.thus, if it is one about 4-cm crystal, it can make somehow, but if make the crystals of the "snow" which actually falls and which does not count and go out one by one is said, it will really take what 10,000 year for what 1000 years -- it was the custom-made to which what is called creative limit which ? person has was told anew.