ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.051:The bangle containing basket coral

It is a bangle of a strange design.Although the round ball is attached at the tip of one side, in fact in this, "coral" is contained.Since coral is also a ball, it is a bangle with the serious interesting playfulness of the state where it is settled constantly in inside.Also in all designs, the master devises this with the present from the master to Madam.When coral is a thing with very important recollections, is it anything?I would like to present the accessories always put on using the important coral.Probably, such a unique and wonderful bangle was designed from such a thought.It was also an order which you are made to study as it is [ not having special knowledge, such as safety and durability, and ] a design which has a pure thought of since it is an amateur in a core."Beginning to make" is starting the way of thinking from nothing, and it may be important? for a core in what it is.