ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.052:Camellia(侘助-wabisuke-) sum engraving bangle

Turquoise is set with the men's bangle here.The visitor was prepared and turquoise is a brand (mine name) called lander blue.Although the camellia was a main motif, when I wanted you to refer to a flower called 侘助 (wabi-suke) by a kind of a camellia, the person himself/herself prepared the horticulture magazine.I ignorant [ one ] again was also able to acquire knowledge, calling some seeds of a camellia Tarokaja.A silver board is stuck on a cope plate in structure, a flower and a leaf are carved, and it forms in a chisel.K18YG is made to have put and emphasized on a petal.I thought whether the Japanese pattern with a handmade feeling like metal carving on the whole has been expressed.