ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.053:Black opal nail stop pendant

The black opal is used.Apparently, although it is the ordinary pendant top, how to stop a stone has changed a little.Although the picture left is the front side, it seems to have stopped by the nail.However, the stone was inserted in from the back side (picture right) in practice, and also the plate was inserted in on it, and it has stopped.It is for showing as it sees from a table and the stone and the top frame main part are unifying (embedding).It is because it is impossible for processing it in this way specially to stop by a nail as shown in a table on a design.Thus, many a maker's trial and error and marks of originality and creativity are located in the place which seems not to say in a glimpse the accessories of a world, either.It may be able to be called one how to enjoy oneself when enjoying a jewelry.