ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.054:B-Boy U.S. vehicle Hevy pendant

It was the order from the so-called visitor of a B-BOY system U.S. vehicle lover.Although it is a pendant head, it becomes [ Does weight exceed 60 g at the length of more than about 7 cm, and 3 mm or more in thickness? ], and is heaviness size.It was wanting [ whose custom-built car in the B-BOY system magazine which the visitor itself needed to have is ] a powerful big pendant like a favorite as data now.Since the Vatican (metal fittings which let a chain pass) was demand of liking to let a thick thing pass, it is made more greatly than usual.although it was purchased and the chain which lets this pendant pass at the time of delivery of an order article was also stuck at hand -- truly -- !. This pendant & chain backed up force and masculinity in the fashion with all the large sizes, and suited it very.It remembered having said, "B system is so smart that it is large!", and gave a nod of assent indeed.