ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.055:Jem&Jem's brooch & pendant

Custom-made of a brooch and pendant.size -- about 7 cm in diameter -- a certain size -- for the first time in.11 kinds of jewelry, and the design which set the diamond of 36 stones to the surroundings.The antique style is made to the "maze" by force with the motif.The top's metal fittings are carried out as [ become / obstructive ], when hiding in the back side and using it as a brooch.The difficult place of this order is the place that a design top nail cannot be used, but a metal must be brought near and all the stones must be stopped depending on how to stop a stone.There are a pearl etc. in which neither the opal which breaks easily, nor a crack is given aside from the stone with high hardness, and it became nervous very much can do -- a top -- a breath (relief ...) -- it was custom-made.