ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.056:Large-sized coral brooch & pendant

It is a brooch and pendant as well as the last custom-made.A visitor is also the more nearly same one.Is it quite large also here and is there 7?8 cm in diameter?Although a stone is coral, it is solid, and it has impact.Since it was if I want you to refer to it for having a ring of the Indian jewelry of silver when it comes to a frame, it designed like Indian jewelry on the whole.The watermark pattern of the frame expresses "Kokopelli" (spirit of a departed person popular in Indian jewelry).Since it is used also as a brooch, inside is made into a cave and is also taking weight into consideration.The Vatican was made so that it might be entirely subsided on the back side.He remembers that it was an order which is easy to make on the whole.