ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.062:Pair pendant of word's

It is a pair pendant of a design solid on the whole and sharp.The gimmick which was a little absorbed in each rectangular field is given.Since it is a pair, the pattern is minced by each whole surface (picture left) so that it may become one word, if a name is united [ two tops ] with each field (picture right).And it is arranged with sufficient balance so that the pattern of each field may suit consistency, but trouble was poured out very much here.the form of the number of characters which is different, respectively, or a character is made consistent in respect of each -- as -- designing -- so -- Hiroshi -- I am easy -- it was not work.And one word is made to divide up and down, and it must be made to have to suit ... Although it worried about balance fairly, it was able to finish making safely somehow.It rotates and the Vatican portion which lets a chain pass has become an idea which is associated with the gimmick of each field.It was the design custom-made which directed the labor towards mathematical "arrangement."