ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.065:Watermark [Hishi] Bamboo grass Crest 1 ornamental japanese hairpin

It is custom-made of 1 ornamental hairpin.It spaced through bamboo grass crest,[Hishi]crest has overlapped and the portion of decoration is creating a cool atmosphere.All line patterns were carved by peace engraving so that style might be taken out.a visitor -- a Japanese-clothes figure -- truly -- being also sour -- it is also sweet -- in the madam direction which he is informed of, the visitor also prepared a great portion of design.although it was also strange that I myself who am a madam in Japanese clothes, and an order of stylish 1 ornamental hairpin and a store manager said, it came out to the silverwork craftsman's store exactly, and memorized even impression.After all, although such women think many [ women / to Japan / never ], they will seem to be smart without reason.