ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.066:Husband-and-wife phoenix pairing

It is pairing which used the phoenix as the's considers it as male 鳳[hou] and ladies make female 凰[ou] the design as well as pair of a phoenix.a phoenix comes out by one of the fairy which appear as a sign of a emperor appearance gorgeously [ 5 color ], drinks a miraculous fountain, and eats only the fruit of a bamboo -- it is considered very much as the symbol of noble and a good omen.In a ring design, I think whether it has directed noble into the tip of a tail and the portion of a crest which were rounded using gold.Moreover, I regard the ground as the ability also of a peace atmosphere to have taken out oxidized silver with the jet black color on the whole mainly.It was the custom-made in which it is manufacturing and I myself have become wanting.