ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.070:CZ swing pierced earring

It was custom-made of the powerful pierced earring which has impact called a hexagon stick design with a certain hammer tone long and slender in about 9 cm in full length, and gorgeousness in 12-mm zircon.Having designed to reflect light in all the directions with the body driven into the beautiful big zircon and hexagon of the fire wants gorgeousness.It is because demand of the visitor who says thought especially that it was strong.usually -- since the pierced earring which uses the every day played, come out of and used, and is made is called hope in order that a budget may exceed too much although there is a stock-in-trade of pursuing gorgeousness using a diamond and platinum -- silver and zircon -- realizing -- it was the result of arranging and carrying out.a result -- very much -- glad -- I had you -- since -- here -- I am glad -- becoming -- custom-made -- it was .