ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.072:MOKKOU(木瓜)family crest pendant to a circle

It is a family crest pattern which exists in a circle from Japanese ancient times called 木瓜(MOKKOU).as a pendant, it is a big swing -- there is about 3 cm in diameter.It will be said that it will be made a tasteful form whose family crest the Vatican (connection section with the round can which lets a chain pass) also suits.It seems that first of all, it is made into the origin with the family crest for the Imperial Court to have given each pattern to clothes, furniture, etc. at the Heian period.Graceful continuation patterns, such as a flower and a plant, were used for the ornament by most at the beginning.The pattern which was simple and was indeed designed through the time thought anew that it was beautiful and it was necessary, and was told.