ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.078:Phoenix tail pairing

It was custom-made of pairing which used the tail of the phoenix as the main motif.You prepare a design base of visitors and it became pairing like this time which is novel and has impact through the arrangement including a result of details, practical structure, etc.It was able to ask for structural fairly difficult technology and clearance.A ring center is inserted in round at 18 carats, the technique of inlay is applied, since it is going around, without gold breaking off also at the interval which carries out the stone stop of aquamarine of a marquise cut, and Garnett, it is not different the silver surface pattern of both sides, and a bit, and must insert in, and the line must be in agreement.The clearance here and spring nature peculiar to 18 carats became obstructive [ attachment welding ], and suffered troubles most.When it matched with condition with four [ sufficient / silver, gold and aquamarine, and Garnett ] and the beauty of the exquisite balance was completed, I was able to think ! in which difficulties when made were also rewarded.I think that it was finished in a result and pairing which has original nature beautifully.