ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.079:Tosa dog pendant

This custom-made was a pendant of the strange motif.Although the dogfight of the Tosa dog was a motif, a dogfight which is called the North Sea dragon which the owner itself owns and which seems to be strong very became a model.At the time of an arrangement, you prepare several photographs of a dogfight, and it tried to reappear faithfully for expression, the line of a frame and muscles, etc.Even though it knew the name, there are also no means which know the world of the Tosa dogfight till then, and there was a glimpse of the heart, history, and culture which are loved like my child of an owner, and even the sacred thing was felt some for the world of the dogfight.The relief portion of a face and the Vatican cover silver and a frame with pure gold, and the material enabled it to direct grace and luxury.It was the custom-made which feels an owner's pet dog heart rather than anything.