ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.081:Peace engraving dragon bangle

It is the custom-made manufactured in the motif of ITALU-YA original goods 和彫[WABORI] ring dragon.A visitor is the order heard by demand that he wants a bangle, with the same handle as was purchased in the ring before and was very pleasing.In composition with the ball which becomes a form where double dragon faces each other and shines in the center, although the handle was not the same as the ring at all, it united the whole atmosphere and the mode of expression of the dragon with the ring.In ITALU-YA, a custom-made made-to-order maid's order is also welcoming based on these original goods.The visitor by whom is anxious in inside and the inquiry of the reserve is made at comes, and, and yet, designing based on the actual thing can also be one point of only yours that it is the easiest to imagine.It is a very creditable thing that this design is pleasing also for ITALU-YA, and it is a delightful thing.