ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.082:The frog of the leaf of a lotus

The ornamental clasp for holding an [obi-dome].The motif of lotus and a frog is also a design traditionally used in metal and metal carving culture so far.Although it was the structure as for which about 6 cm of oblongs have a certain presence, since it was an ornamental clasp for holding an obi in place, lightness was also taken care of.Since the traditional design also had a touch which decided on the frog and came to lotus from the beginning in the favorite one, a visitor did not need to be troubled so much with the design itself, either.Becoming an important point took pains over arrangement of the pearl which is the leading role's waterdrop, and a frog not to mention the antique feeling of a result.Since 3 patterns went the Japanese meadow frog place into silver and the back perpendicularly in structure, this carried out inlay of the gold.I think that the pearl of waterdrop, gold of the back of a frog, etc. were able to express dignity in the antique feeling.