ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.085:K18YG hematite ring

It is a big lady sling of all 18 gold.Since I am using the hematite of a more than 20-mm longwise oval cut, the ring longitudinal width is also about 30 mm.I am basing the ring arm portion dull finish on the hammer tone.It is volume apt to centering, such as the middle finger, an index finger, etc. of the woman who piled up the career.Since the visitor was a direction with a business woman's aura, this design was also actually best matching.I want you to carry out carrying in only of this big hematite at the beginning, and to make one ring from gold.There was no fine demand and it was a simple order just because it said.Since I manufactured only the visitor's image to reliance, it became a stylish and solid impression at this appearance.a result -- a visitor -- very much -- being glad -- having had -- since -- custom-made delightful also here -- having become.