ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.087:Silver ball

It is introduction of the considerably unusual custom-made this time.the silver which exists 3 cm in diameter -- it is a pure ball.It was begun to delete a pedestal from the ore of large Black onyx, and it was recut to the pyramid type.Completely, although reminded of the crystal ball used for magic, for what especially the person placing the order uses did not speak.Since it was the direction which is carried out in medical-related work, it uses at the time of some operations.Also considering manufacturing, while the purpose of use is not known well, it is the first.However, it also remembers that it was pleasant to have given mysterious more and to have made it.But it made it not Hiroshi-easy to make a silver true ball so.It was also difficult to make the form of a ball from Wax, and also not breaking down the form of a ball but grinding the silver which blew up by casting suffered troubles most.