ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.088:Silver atomizer

The container into which a perfume bottle is put was manufactured with silver.There is how the difficulty of a box unites the balance of functionality and design nature well after all as an atomizer.The function in which a lid does not fall even if the touch from which air especially escapes by a practical aspect with a feeling of opening and closing of the main part of a box and a lid and which is closed gently is maintained and it makes it reverse and yet is also important.It cared especially about the device of this portion.That it will be hard to put in if the coefficient of friction which puts in a perfume bottle is also the same and too strong on a main part, if this is too weak, it will be able to do a cave, there will be the Katha Katha sound in it, and cheaper will come out of it.The simple arabesque design was given to the surface by peace engraving.Being conscious of a cool atmosphere, dignity, and lightness, it carved thinness by hairline graving.An engraving side peculiar to peace engraving is expressed like the silk thread reflected thinly, and thinks that the very good effect showed up.