ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.089:The brooch of a dragonfly

In Japan, the dragonfly was made into the living thing (he follows before a dragonfly "is determined") which flies only in front, was called 勝虫[KACHI-MUSHI], and was liked by the samurai especially with the good-luck article for many years.The portion of feather is spaced and took out the light transparent feeling of the shuttlecock of an insect.The portion of eyes is made into the accent using copper.It is caught and can just be going to be easy to take the feather from which becoming anxious at the time of practical use projects in the case of a living thin with feather.In order to clear such intensity, a core stick is taken out from the Nemoto part of feather, and the tension is inserted [ applying it ] and welded to the body.Another important point of a brooch or a pin brooch is in weight.The device for a weight saving was considered in the form of the body, and structure also including the watermark of feather.The natural beauty of the height of the natural flight accuracy of a dragonfly, bodily structure, and weight balance was felt anew.