ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.091:The tiepin of a white snake

It is a clipped type tiepin of a white snake motif.It can use also as a money clip which sandwiches a thin thing besides a tiepin or sandwiches a bill.Even if a snake looks at the history of every corner of the earth, it is an existence which manages Jin's incarnation, fortune, or good omen.It seems that a white snake has relation deeply with lucky and luck with money in Japan.setting a diamond to eyes -- a bodily scale -- overall -- glitteringly -- it gave so that it might shine.After carving and raising the bodily border with 片切[KATA-GIRI] and hairline graving, it masked except the body, satin processing was carried out with emery powder, and it expressed laudable [ of the white snake ].I think whether atmosphere like the plane beauty of a Japanese painting as an impression was able to be taken out.