ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.094:The eagle buckle which takes off SV&K18

It is an order of the so-called buckle of a Japanese Indian jewelry tone.The powerful impression was cared about if it made with much trouble, since it was a title of the custom which also says a motif as an eagle, a feather, and the sun.structure is the same metal shaving as the phoenix buckle of order history No.34, and came out, and it made it into the structure which makes, connects and welds each parts, such as a shuttlecock and the head.The strong point of this buckle disregards "actual consistency" as much as possible based on the rough drawing of the size which exceeds, and a visitor, and 10-cm width just made it.It was the custom-made thought that it is also interesting to make without being caught by the line and composition of design nature in rare cases.