ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.099:Black leather plum concha wallet

It is introduction of the leather wallet which serves as a first appearance in the custom-made file of ITALU-YA.Storage is a simple structure only of a card and a card.It is not vacant in the demand said that a wallet hole (hole which lets a wallet chain pass) is unnecessary.All are finished by hand-sewing using the good comparatively soft Black saddle leather of a state.and a plum with a unique point which should be noted, and high originality -- a pattern -- I think that it is the concha of a motif.The concha of an opinion and the sum thought in recent years which are called Morgan coin and Indian system concha that it was very interesting to the leather wallet as an existing meaning "fixed petty time-tested product" in Japan.The original way of thinking is manufactured by the overlay construction method with the motif taken from the orderer's name.