ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.100:Roman glass brooch

It was carrying in of the roman glass which carried out very beautiful silvering.The surroundings of glass are spaced by the Higaki pattern by the order of a brooch.It seems that it will become beautiful rainbow color if a chemical change called silvering (weathering) is caused through the years when the glass of the Roman Empire term is long in the ground.As for origin, it gives [ free / artificial ] a mineral romance and the mystery of the universe too that blow and glass changes a figure by all environment (moisture in the ground, ingredient, difference of temperature, climate ...) and time progress.The fixed method of glass was made to meet the surface of wave and glass in order to unite atmosphere with the antique feeling of a roman glass, although set by cover.The space mystery of the inside made into rough cover and wave of a roman glass considers having been finished with sufficient balance by it.