ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.102:Silver pendulum Dowsing

It is custom-made of the pendulum (pendulum type) used for Dowsing.Of course, a visitor is a dowser.Although Dowsing is the mystical and wonderful technique of finding out an underground seaway and a vein using the stick called rod from the first, he is said for the history to go back even to the B.C. 5th century ancient Greece least recently.the structure of a pendulum -- silver -- it is pure, and since it is 6 cm or more long, there is weight considerably.As some peculiar streamline shapes are meaningful, they began to repeat and delete an arrangement by a visitor's demand repeatedly.Although it was the world of Dowsing who seldom sets foot until now, it was spiritual and was the order in which ancient hermetic art wisdom is impressed somewhere.