ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.103:The clover tiepin of four leaves of emerald

The clover motif of four leaves was the order of demand.The leaf treated the diamond in emerald and the center and was finished in the tiepin of the luxury image in magnificence.With the "white clover" and the Chinese character, it was written as "白詰草" by the overseas kind from the first, was used by the white clover as a cushioning medium of the glass tableware imported from the Edo middle Netherlands, and it budded in the imported box.One sheet which the meaning of four leaves is a mark of "hope, faith, and love", and remains is called symbol of "happiness."It seems that it is believed as a talisman or a fortunate symbol in Europe if it gathers at the night of the summer solstice.It is often used for the marriage ceremony, congratulation, a present, etc. even in Japan.It was the custom-made which a fortune visits to the person who found the four-leaf clover and which put such a meaning.