ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.106:Lion head pendant

It was a present to him in the custom-made ordered from the woman's visitor.It was demand of liking to make a motif into the lion which is a symbol of strength with the present which drew "the desire to become strong" in his everyday life.It felt also like the warning to itself. [ including autosuggestion of if the king of 100 beasts is followed instead of a charm from usually at the body and it can become mentally, physically, and strong ]It became a form which the smoky quartz watch of the mouth in the stone circle (ring of jewelry) which a lion holds in its mouth is used, and also adds the effect of the power stone of "protecting oneself from a talisman or a bad thing."The face of the lion was made so that a stone circle might actually be rotated by 360-degree solid molding.