ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.108:Cork of beer

I think that and it became the work which playfulness and a joke heard. [ in old custom-made ]Although the motif was a cork of corona beer, of course, the logo of a table and unevenness of the cork manufactured even the hidden vinyl cap realistically.Although it was a pendant as an item, when this manufacture was finished and thing was seen, it brewed the atmosphere called one "work", and also felt it like [ as having thought that a role of a mere pendant was transcended and having entered even the region of the "art" ].One cork removed from a usually casual thing and the mere bottle beer to which importance is not especially attached.Special presence will be released, if it is made from silver and places on a table.It was the custom-made which the method of touch and an idea are stimulated by something to craftsmanship or art manufacture, and becomes study very much.