ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.114:Victorious goddess nike

about 5cm long was an order of a certain dogtag pendant.A motif is "victorious goddess nike" which appears in Greek mythology.Since it was unearthed on the Samothrace island in Greece (Nike), "nike of Samothrace" was said, but this nike image has many mysteries, and one is not discovered for the ancient documents about a nike image.Moreover, it is surmised that the author of the goddess image of this victory and the made age are also unknown, and is around 190?B.C. 250.Also in Greek mythology, the child of the Titan fellows' blood-relatives parasu and sutyukus and a brother say that he was awarded by Zeus per Olympus side from zeuros, Kula Toth, and beer.The dog tag table used high engraving, in order that height might also take out 5 mm and a feeling of sculpture with relief relief of a nike image.The reverse side graving cut, the text, and the character with the design font.It is massive, and the fun and design font of nike image sculpture match, and I think that mysterious [ of Greek mythology ]was done on a certain pendant.