ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.115:The rocket pendant of a rabbit

It was an order of the rocket pendant of liking to put in a mother's will be called a flower and a rabbit, when there is in particular nothing that the design motif determined at the beginning, and it will arrange and come out and would be made the mother's favorite thing.It was also demand of liking to also carry out an overall result to touch stale for a while instead of specular surface finish which is antique.It united with the atmosphere of the sum called an antique feeling and a rabbit, and carved engraving of a design in the image which the rabbit of two animals is dancing happily by peace engraving (piece cutting hairline graving).It is because the line of [KATA-GIRI] Meiji's craftman [Natsuo Kano's KATANA-TSUBA(刀鍔)] "Bon festival dance" imagined appearance just like the line of a brush.The surroundings were ornamented with a flower and arabesque.It was the pendant kept in mind in order the warm feeling which regards a visitor's mother as some is felt and to project the feeling on atmosphere.