ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.117:The pendant top of a peach

It was custom-made of a pretty motif called a peach with the small pendant.I think that it was a present from a male to a woman.Although it is a casual small pendant, the technique which was absorbed in how to make for a while is used.The pendant frame base was made from silver and the portion of the peach used the material which strengthens copper content for a while at pink silver, and emphasized pink more.The texture which puts in order and carries out the stamp of the stamp with a width of about 1.5 mm used with a Native American jewelry etc. was given to the base.A technique called the silk line which attaches a line several times over with the needle of steel called thin scribing is used for finish-machining of a peach.This technique is effective in taking out the light and expression like silk.