ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.130:Square large cross key chain

Indeed "Simple is best" a key chain with the cross design I needed. The big crossing more than 6 cm of length is, so that the use isn't limited, it'll be also a pendant. Calculation designed and made the good best ratio of the balance including the ratio of the size of the corner stick and the height and width of the cross. I thought once more, but I thought the investigated simplicity was very cool and good-looking as expected.



正に「Simple is best」いった十字架デザインのキーホルダーです。縦6cm以上はある大きなクロスなので用途は限定せずともペンダントにもなります。十字架の角棒のサイズや縦横の比率も含めバランスのよいベスト比率を計算設計して製作しました。改めて思いますが突き詰めたシンプルはやはりとてもクールで美しいと思いました。