ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.148:Worst Desperado.M.C Bangle

Harley Davidson based for Tachikawa and the men's bangle from which you ordered a motorcycle club and WORST DESPERADO MOTORCYCLE CLUB more than the state. More than 4 mm of margin 30mm chou which did the logo design mainly is also thick, the male bangle which seems to be a bye car surely. The biggest weight as MC and weight of the silver in the Kanto area were a cool large-boned bangle by simplicity which fays.



立川に本部を置くハーレーダビッドソン・モーターサイクルクラブ、ワーストデスペラードMC(WORST DESPERADO MOTORCYCLE CLUB)様よりご注文頂いたメンズバングルです。ロゴデザインをメインにした巾30mm超、厚みも4mm以上ある正にバイカーらしい男バングルです。関東最大のMCという重みと銀の重みが合わさったシンプルでカッコいい骨太バングルでした。