ITALU-YA.OrdermadeHistory No.192:6mm wire Silver Belt Backle

Ordermaking of belt buckle. It's the simple design by a buckle of a frame-type, but it consists of 6 millimeters of circle stick, so an existence sense as well as the massiveness are also some men's silver buckles. It's a bend part of 6mm wire-stick that the making top was difficult. You made notice difficulty of the technology bent acutely 90 angle, and the profundity of the metal engraving was fully realized after a long time. You also made beauty of "Simple is best" with the design notice that I complete it and look once more here.



ベルトバックルのオーダーメイドです。フレームタイプのバックルでシンプルなデザインですが6ミリの丸棒で構成されているので重量感はもちろん存在感もあるメンズシルバーバックルです。製作上難しかったのが6mm丸棒の曲げ部分です。90度鋭角に曲げる技術の難しさに改めて気づかされ久方ぶりに彫金の奥深さを痛感しました。完成して眺めるとこちらもまた改めてデザインの「Simple is best」の美しさに気づかされました。